Dachshund Luke Goes To Spain

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Dachshund Luke Goes To Spain

Hi, it's me Dachshund Luke.

Bet you would love to know more about me so here goes:

I am a little red Dachshund with 3-inch legs, and weigh 9 lbs on a good day. 

My name is Luke, also known as Bubba Lou and stop barking.

I am currently living in Spain with my humans and a cat called Kitty Kat. To my surprise, I found out that kittens grow bigger than me and have magic claws.

In Florida, I was a sausage dog however, in Spain, I am now a perro salchicha - I love perro, don't you think it sounds better than dog?

I love my humans and I know they love me because they cuddle and play with me every day. I love to make them laugh because it makes my tail waggle and wiggle.

I have recently taught my humans how to play hide-n-seek. I hide the ball in corners or under the sofa and they have to find it. I point to it with my nose. If they don't notice that I am playing then I bark, they don't like that as much. I am better at finding things than my humans, that's because I am a hound dog.

That is a picture of me above and it's me on the cover of the book!